Necromania: Plot


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This document covers the background and plot for Necromania.
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Introduction – Original Plot

The dwarven society is ruled by the Dwarf King. He is advised by the Council of Elders. The council members are: the Dwarf Alchemist, the Dwarf Engineer, the Dwarf General, and the Dwarf Wizard.

The Demon Lord is attempting to corrupt the dwarven society. In secret, it feeds knowledge to the Dwarf Engineer about fantastic machines. The Dwarf Alchemist and Dwarf General are impressed by the new technology, and praise it. As does the Dwarf King. But the Dwarf Wizard is skeptical towards these hasty advances. What of the ways of old?

The Demon Lord convinces the Dwarf Engineer to plot against the Dwarf Wizard, and manages to have him expelled from the Council of Elders, and eventually the dwarven society. Now both the Dwarf King and the Council of Elders are secretly under the influence of the Demon Lord.

The Dwarf Wizard decides to investigate just what the Hell is going on. And you know what they say. Never send a man to do a dwarf’s job.


At the start of the game, the dwarwen society is peaceful and prosperous. Each guild is as respected as the next one. The dwarves trade and cooperate extensively with the peoples of the surrounding land. They also welcome trade caravans, though they do not send any of their own. Dwarven soldiers protect the borders against raiders and bandits. But all in all, life is still. Business is good. Business is stable as a rock.

The Demon Lord studies the dwarves for some time. He becomes irritated with their settled lives and slow temper. He decides to stir things up.

The Dwarf Engineer is approached by the Demon Lord, and is befriended with many a wonderful gift. Using the now corrupted Dwarf Engineer, the Demon Lord continues to poison the Council of Elders with plans for technical advancement and war for territory. Advancement that the dwarves really do not need. Territory that the dwarves really do need want. The Dwarf Wizard questions these plans, claiming that changes must come slowly and that growth must come naturally.



As the game begins, the Dwarf Wizard does not know how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. He has always been able to rely on his magic and spells. But when his trusty ol’ Wizard Staff is taken away from him, and he is cast out of the dwarven society, he needs to learn how to fend for himself, and he needs to learn quickly.

The monks are the key faction in the Dwarf Wizard’s combat training. Early on in the game, he meets a monk who gives him a quarterstaff and introduces him to a couple of basic moves. Other monks encountered during the course of the game further hone the staff-fighting skills of the Dwarwen Wizard.


The dwarven farmers tend to the animals and crops that provide food for the dwarven community. Among other things, the farmers grow mushrooms in underground farmlands, and keep boars for meat and labour.

Some farmers work as shepherds, though they herd boars rather than sheep. Early on in the game, one of the shepherds gives the Dwarf Wizard a shepherd staff.


Mithril-coat Quest

  1. Get a prospector to find a mithril ore.
  2. Get a group of miners to mine mithril rocks.
  3. Get a metal worker to refine the mithril rocks into pure mithril. The metal worker requires a lot of wood to heat the furnace.
  4. Find a smith skilled enough to craft the Mithril-coat. The smith requires wood and water for this task.